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Personalized Double Plated Necklaces

Personalized Double Plated Necklaces

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Our Double Plated Name Necklaces are made to order and comes in many different colors and 3 different styles such as gold on gold silver on silver and our 80's inspired onyx effect. Plates holds up to 9 letters.
Note to Customers:
1) Since the item is hand made, the writing on the plate maybe slightly different than the picture and also we are not responsible if gold plated item tarnished after purchasing (please try not to get the gold plated item wet, it will last long)

Material: Gold Plated, Onyx effect has colorful acrylic added to give onyx effect

Production and Shipping: Custom name plates can take up to 2-3 weeks to deliver. Tracking will be sent via email once shipped.
All sales are final.

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